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Contemporary Leadership & Management (CLM)

What is the Contemporary Leadership & Management (CLM) Program? Utilizing contemporary leadership and management models, this training program focuses on competencies and techniques designed to improve job performance, increase personal commitment and fulfillment, and achieve organizational success.


Why should your cooperative or company send staff to these workshops?  It is important to invest in your employees. A Forbes article says, “People care if you take a genuine interest in their future. It helps build loyalty, and loyalty increases productivity. Good, talented people naturally want to advance, and appreciate meaningful support in the process.”


Who can attend?  All Employees - at any level - from those just beginning their careers with the Cooperative to those who have years of experience working for the Cooperative.


How many CLM workshops are offered in 2018?  A total of 7 workshops are scheduled throughout the year. Click the Register Here button below to see the schedule and to register for the workshops.


Are there any pre-requisites required?   These workshops are designed as stand-alone sessions. There are no pre-requisites. An employee may join the program at any time and take the workshops in any order. 


Does this program offer a certification?    Yes, there are two certificate levels.  Participation in the Certificate Program is optional.

  • Certificate of Completion, Level I:   Awarded upon completion of a total of 6 workshops. 

  • Certificate of Completion, Level II:   Awarded upon completion of a total of 9 additional workshops.


Can I receive continuing professional education credit for my attendance?   Yes, documentation confirming your attendance will be provided upon request. State boards have final authority on the acceptance of these continuing professional education credits.


Who facilitates these workshops?  Sam Bruce, Master Professional Career Advisor, owner of Sapient Business Solutions, and a consultant to the University of Richmond’s Center for Career Management facilitates each workshop.  He has designed and delivered these workshops to Cooperative employees since 2011. Sam is a 30-year veteran of manufacturing leadership and brings that expertise to your staff.

Click Register Here to see the schedule and to register for the workshops.


Questions?  Contact Brandon Burton at


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